Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #68

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #68

When he was leaving the building, he noticed something strange.

The books he had seen before were slightly out of order.

One of them shoved back into place violently.

He didn’t dwell on it.

He had a map written out on brown, cracked leather.

Paint was flaking off with his trailing finger as he traced his winding path to his destination.

He walked in directions written out for him, passing by strange market stalls with wrinkled crones selling bells and collars for stone cats and dogs. Men were haggling for azure squarish fruits which they tapped with their forefingers to determine their ripeness. Looming stone monoliths were stacked one after the other, placed haphazardly by even more gargantuan golems than he had seen previously, their massive arms working tirelessly, their jewelled eyes glowing in the twilight.

Then he reached the place he was looking for, the smithy, and it certainly was a sight.

It was deep set compared to the neighbouring houses.

Piles of junk towered over him by many meters, appearing to sway precariously.

Among these items were small golems, knee high to the Climber, sorting out the trash and bouncing about, letting out small whoops.

He pushed open the door and was greeted by a ground shuddering explosion.
“Ah! Sorry about that! I just got some interesting material from the mines. You won’t believe how volatile this stuff is… ah… who are you again? I’m not good with faces, or names.”

A goggled man clambered out of a toppled pile of trash. He was covered in soot and fragments of small crystal were embedded in his thick leather apron.

His eyebrows were singed in places, and clumps of his hair were shorter than the others.

When he took off his glasses you could visibly see where the ash had not reached beyond the rubber cups.

Curious blue eyes darted around the room, looking at the multiple tiny golems and barely settling on him for more than a second.

As he removed his thick leather gloves the Climber could see where a sizable chunk off the tip of his index finger was missing.

“I’ve come to get something for Krane.”
At the mention of the name he leapt into the air, nearly knocking over a pile of carefully organized junk, and agitating the small golem that was sorting through it.

“Krane… Krane! Yes! He’s the one with uhhh… Stevens? Yes. I’ve got his special thing here. I dunno why he’s feeding them. For all we know they don’t digest or even need to eat. It’s just a friendly thing I guess. Now for you young… man? I don’t think women have beards… Is there anything you want? I am the finest smith and golem carver in this town!”

As he got closer, the distinct smell of unwashed man, mixed with burning hair and flesh, inflamed his nostrils.
Using almost all of his willpower to stop himself from pinching his nose, he replied “Uh, no thanks sorry.”
He looked visibly hurt. Lips pouting like a spoilt child, he wandered off dejectedly into the corner of the workshop, pulling on his leather gloves and digging through one of the seemingly endless cupboards.

One of the small golems tugged at his apron and he shooed it off.

Finally, he procured a small golem, smaller than he had seen before. His face transformed as he laid his eyes lovingly upon its miniscule form, like a mother’s tender gaze for her child.

The gems in his eyes were not orange, but a softer green, reminiscent of leaves in spring. They were studying the Climber curiously. Sweeping up and down. He felt like every individual cell in his body scrutinized, almost microscopically. He shivered, despite the heat of the stuffy room.
It was masterfully sculpted in a unique form. Five dexterous fingers chiseled beautifully. Every crease carved out. A head that looked similar to that of a human, down to the bejeweled eyes that reflected every ray of “Sunlight.” All of this served to make it more human, which to the Climber unnerved him ever so slightly, as do human children.

“This is an experiment of mine, a golem that grows! Take it, and no backsies. ”

“I can’t possibly accept this, this is something precious to you!”
“A friend of Kranes is an even better friend of mine. I owe a lot that man, and it’s still only a prototype, now off with you! Before you get caught in an explosion.” He pointed out, making an exaggerated shooing movement with his hands, he snapped back his goggles and ran through the maze of tall piles, soon after shouts of amazement interrupted with explosions began to resume once again.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #68

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