Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #69


Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #69

He held the golem at arm’s length, gazing at it with a mixture of concern and fear, tied together with a frown.

It was surprisingly light, and not even tall enough to reach his ankles if he set it on the floor.

The miniscule stone man made him uneasy. The soft green eyes stared at him, unmoving. He gingerly placed it into his trusty rucksack, where it instantly burrowed deeper and nestled itself between his discarded, warm clothes, peeking up inquisitively out of the top of the bag. The snow fell thick and strong, fat flakes coating everything in a cold, white blanket. The salesmen and crones rushed home to their cosy fireplaces and boiling broths, while the hulking stone men worked on, completely unaffected by the blizzard. The winding path seemed to drag on forever, but the small golem seemed to be happy, observing all the sights of the city from his leather sanctuary. If it had a proper mouth it would have smiled, but the head was unfinished. The face was smooth and featureless except for the eyes, which were filled with life. Then the calming rocking of the satchel came to an end, and they went upwards and forwards, into the Visitors Centre.

They were greeted by the rhythmic tap and thump of a leg and peg working in concert to propel a heavily muscled man across the corridor.

His long, red beard shot through with grey roots swung across his tree-trunk of a waist as he came forward, his huge head nearly scraping the ceiling.

“Have you got it lad? The things I asked for?”
The Climber reached back into the pack, right past the small golem, and pulled out a satchel made from leather. The large man’s eyes lit up with joy, green and sparkling. He deftly untied the small knot with his massive fingers and pulled out a particularly long rose colored crystal. It looked delicate, like glass, and was lit up softly with an inner glow.
“SAMUELS!” The man roared, and the golem emerged from the hole in the wall. It stepped towards him gently, and plucked the crystal from his hand with roughly humanoid fingers. Its feet thumped on the floor as it walked back inside the crevice, but before he left, the Climber observed what resembled a mouth opening wide and crunching down on the rose colored crystal. It made a sound like glass shattering, but the happiness of the golem was obvious. He whistled a happy tune as he descended into the tunnels.
“Now, you, c’mere.” Krane beckoned with his hands which were as big as dinner plates. The gesture sent small gusts of wind past the Climbers face.

Krane leaned back and groaned a sigh of relief, which harmonized with the obvious groan of discomfort from the chair.

The Climber sat opposite him, and waited expectantly for Krane to speak.
“How was your first meeting with Daniel?”
His grin was wide and his face settled into well-worn smile creases that had been utilised thousands of times before.
After a while, the Climber responded “Well, it certainly was… something.”

Krane guffawed heartily at that. The floor shook with the sound of it, his stomach shaking and undulating. The laughter came deep from his belly and sent ripples across the very fabric of the universe, or so it felt when The Climber sat so close to the source.

“Yes, that is certainly one way to describe him!” He said, wiping a tear from his eye. “Were there explosions?”
And this time they both laughed, full and strong. The Climber began again, “There were huge piles of junk, and he had created these… these tiny golems to sort through it! They were whooping and jumping through the air!”

He had to keep pausing to take a breath, for he couldn’t contain his laughter. His lungs hurt with the force of it.
As it died down the Climber asked “So, how did you get to know this young boy?”
And then Krane’s face darkened. His laughter died down.
“That is a dark tale lad, let me tell you it in great detail…”

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #69

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