Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #70

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #70

The two brothers huffed and puffed as they marched through the pale snow. Feet crunching and sinking up to their ankles. Both of them were massive, hulking men. One with a fiery red beard that swung at his shoulders as he tramped, whilst the other had short cropped raven black stubble. Both of them were belching steam like trains as they climbed, tree trunk legs moving in a steady rhythm. The younger, with the red beard, was shorter than the other by at least a quarter of a meter. The older who’s hair was black carried a pelt. He had obtained it the day before when he had strangled a Yarl wolf with his bare hands, he then proceeded to skin it and wear it to fend off the cold. The brown fur of the wolf was made for the cold, and helped keep the teeth of the wind at bay. It draped off his shoulder and was easily as large as one of the cows they used to keep back home. Meanwhile the younger kept the skin of a bear he had hunted and killed. Its fur had been spotted with barbs, and its tusks had been sharp, but he had managed to crush it with a tree in the end. He had plucked free the barbs, and now they decorated his neck in a show of pride. Meanwhile, the tusks would make for marvelous drinking horns when they got to their destination, and he was able to carve them with the story of their journey. The blizzard was no match for the pair, for they knew what it was. A simple test, the first of three. The pair scoffed when they heard of it- a blizzard? Is that all? Finally, they found a nice clearing to stay in. They dug trenches into the ground and slept in the dirt, only shielded from the soil by their trophies.


The one with the red beard awoke from his deep stupor when he heard growls. Of course the growls weren’t near them, they had already been recognized as apex predators by the inhabitants of the first Plateau. He had no idea why it unnerved him then. Then he realized, they would only be growling if they had found prey, and these creatures did not eat each other.
Torin! Wake up brother!”
The bearded man whispered. The man named Torin woke slowly and with a groan that shook the trees in the early morning light.
“What is it Krane you small sod.”

He said as he yawned, and then froze. Krane gingerly picked up his mountainous hammer. It was ornate and gilded with the story of his life. The light played off the metal work perfectly, and for just a moment he began to appreciate it… but then snapped back to the task at hand.
“I’ll go and investigate brother, you stay here and wait for your head to settle back into place.”
Torin simply nodded, he was never a morning person.
He heaved his hammer into the air, and prowled towards the sound of the noise. He found them after a couple minutes of walking. Black antlered deer that were snapping at a tree trunk with sharp teeth and growling gutturally.
“Back away mutts!”
Krane barked this, but they were hungry and they smelled flesh. It was too much to ignore! At least it was too much to ignore right up until the hammer came swinging around in a lazy arc.



Blood splattered over the beautiful metalwork, he grunted, for now he would have to clean it in the snow. He peered inside the trunk and nearly got his eye poked out by a sharp stick. The trunk was hollow, and inside was a small boy. Abandoned, shivering and afraid. All the boy saw was a red bearded man splattered with blackish red blood. He gently reached his hands into the trunk and scooped out the frail boy, who shrieked and writhed in his massive, leathery hands. Quickly, Krane bundled the boy up in his furs and left his hammer on the snowy ground. By the time he came back, Torin was constructing a blazing fire from a small tree that he had broken apart with his bare hands. The flames crackled and smoked, grey tendrils reaching towards the sun.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #70

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