Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #73

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #73

Chapter 3-4 Interlude.

Jeremy was cold, dreadfully so. He frequently shuddered violently and the noise of his chattering teeth was never ending. Permeating through every facet of daily life. Frost crept up the windowsill of the Archives as he looked upon the city, and at the lake below.
The thermal lake had frozen.
No one could explain it, the heat from it disappeared one night, thick ice covering the once very warm lake. Now everything was frigid. His nose ran, but he made sure not to get any sticky snot on the precious scriptures and books. Said scriptures and books had frozen solid, becoming stiff and unmovable.
As the new “Ruler” of the Glacier he had the job of seeing through all the new arrivals. They had 6 new people so far, more newcomers than the entire two years before that. The fur coats he was wearing were keeping him slightly warm, but the cold still managed to dig its teeth into him. He sniffed back in a small globule of mucus which was beginning to hang out of his nose. God damn he needed a tissue.

Some people had reported seeing something climbing out of the lake the other day, melting its way through the icy crust of the lake and climbing out through one of the holes in the ceiling of the huge cavern, but there was no hole in the lake nor could anyone else confirm this happened. Described as a being with a part of its body swollen and huge, constantly shifting and never ending. It was written off as a hallucination due to the sudden drop in temperature.

God his bones ached… It had been only three days since the Event. Three days felt stretched thin. Feeling more like years or decades than simple hours.
The food had been running out too, the farms all dry and withered without the warmth. Some braver people had gone out to hunt the deer for their venison, he hoped they came back soon. His stomach gurgled as he thought of a succulent roast turning slowly over a fire… He sighed, feeling more hungry than before, damn his imagination.

He walked along the bridges and rope pathways to the entrance and sat down on the ledge overlooking the bottom of the mountain. It was beautiful. Trees tipped with white snow, sun slowly setting in the backdrop setting the sky alight with fiery hues of purple and orange. Once again he sighed, he was doing that a lot lately. As he turned around reluctantly,his eyes stuck to the glorious sight, he noticed something strange. There was a black shape in the ice behind him. It almost seemed to shift and move in front of him…

Then a three talon-ed hand shot out of the ice.

Gripping him by the neck.
The hand was so, so cold. Colder than the iciest glacier or the deepest waters. Right up until it touched him that is, then it burned with a fervor.

It was not black so much as a void. As if someone took a cookie cutter of a hand out of the universe. The light dimmed around its form as it moved itself out of the ice.
It stood stretched out above him. Easily more two and a half meters tall. Its legs ended in spikes, and another three talon-ed hand lay by what could be its hips.
Its head split in the middle and from its maw spewed a mass of blue flames. Dancing and twirling in the air, and with a voice like the grinding of crickets and the screams of thousands, it spoke.

“Warmth, heat, energy. You have all the things I need for a balanced breakfast. Come here my child, come closer.”
There was warm blood running down his neck now from where the three talons had cut into his flesh. He writhed and wriggled trying to get out of the iron grip. The pain was too much but he couldn’t scream! Ice was spreading around the contact points on his neck as his flesh sizzled. The amulet he wore cracked and gave out a singular piercing scream before exploding into fragments of bone, this creature was too much even for it. It brought him closer to its mouth, but stopped.
It tentatively rotated its head towards the entrance, and its flaming maw stretched in a way that could have been a smile.
“There are more, I shall spare you now, my child. Know my mercy, and my name, for I am Ut’ahi the Black Sun and I have come to reclaim my place on this mountain.”
So it marched through the entrance, the light dimming around its form, and Jeremy was left on the floor to writhe and shudder, smoke pouring from his burning flesh as he heard the screams of the many who inhabited the place once known as the Glacier.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #73

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