Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #76

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #76

He had to be assisted with walking, his muscles were sore from the aftereffects of the healing. The man handed him a walking stick which he graciously accepted. There was still a thought knocking around in the climbers head however, and after he had drank again he asked the man.
“Why save me?” The man simply tapped his nose and said,

“I have a friend who told me one day someone would fall down here, and I would follow them until the end of my life and find purpose.”
“I think you’re friend is mistaken.” The climber retorted, and instantly regretted saying such a thing. This man had obviously been alone for quite a long time, just by how this guy observed him with curious big blue eyes, scanning him and weighing every cell. Maybe his friend was made up… then the man laughed.

“Let us hope not.”

“What’s your name?” The Climber asked, hoping to glean anymore less cryptic information on the man who had just saved his life.

“My name… Ah sorry. It has been a very long time since anyone has asked me such simple things. I am a hermit, living alone for the longest time. I left my name with the rest of my old self back at my home.”



Suddenly the strange man leaped up as if he had been launched with a rocket.
“You must meet my friend!” His eyes were alight, and the climber could not resist his tugging on his arm. His legs felt stiff as stone as he waddled trying to keep up with the bounding man. Sparks of pain flew from his ankles and he nearly fell over. After a couple seconds of rest he got up again. Already, just from the small outing his legs were feeling less tight and uncomfortable.


As they walked down the maze of the cave system the Climber noticed certain carvings on the walls. They were in a language he did not understand, nor could recognize, but he presumed they were directions for the man in front to follow, and so he followed, their steps echoing off the enclosed walls. Soon they reached a very small entrance, so small the Climber and the hermit had to stoop to get in. Inside were the sounds of light chirping and whistling, but it was not birds the Climber saw. The rock in the walls was porous, and each hole was filled with a small stone figure with glowing crystal eyes. Along the walls there grew crystals with soft rosy glows. They were quite however, un moving, the larger ones turned their heads as he entered. There was a soft bed of moss that coated the ground underfoot, softening his foot falls and the tap of his walking stick. He felt an instinctive need to stay quiet, similar to that when in a library. This was a peaceful place, a sanctuary of sorts. The hermit was still walking ahead. He noticed that the golems here were much rougher than the ones he had seen before, more like they pried themselves from the rock themselves instead of being sculpted and carved.

Soon after, the porous rock gave way to smooth stone once again and the moss gave way to hard rock. Once again the tap of sticks and feet hitting the floor echoed throughout the chamber. They reached a wooden door, large and round. It was split down the middle with a clean cut. The wood was a very light brown, but there were words that were burned into it. They were written in the same language as the natives of the mountain, the ones he had been with at the base. He read it to himself.
“The one who sought knowledge”

An ominous message if he had ever seen one. The hermit turned around to him, beard twirling with him and spoke for the first time since beginning their walk.
“Now, I must warn you, ah, my friend does not take very kindly to being woken up.”
He pushed open the double doors.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #76

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