Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #77

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #77

The room beyond was almost pitch black, almost as if a thick curtain was draped over the space right beyond the entrance. He peered as hard as he could but could not make out anything on the other side. When the Hermit stepped through he didn’t seem to pass through normally, it flowed around him as if it was viscous. The Climber took a deep breath and stepped through.

It felt cool on his head and shoulders, there was a slight resistance to his movement almost as if walking through a thick cobweb. As soon as he passed the threshold he was greeted by an intense light. There was an array of different colored crystals lining the ceiling, from black and blue to green and yellow. The longer he stared the more he was entranced, that was when he noticed the hulking figure in the center. It’s legs and arms were shackled to the floor with chains seemingly made of soft light. The most peculiar thing was that it was made of wood. The grain twirled and twisted as it ran down the slender body. Perched on its head lay a large mask, rectangular and flat except for a detailed mouth and two deep set pits for eyes. Its arms seemed to be made up of many branches intertwined like muscle fibers. There was no green on the sculpture, only a light brown. The Hermit was dwarfed by the sculpture, but this did not stop him from going to one of its massive feet and shouting up at it.
TA’RIM¹ YOU LAZY ASS WAKE UP!” The men bellowed in the loudest voice he could muster. The Climber was alarmed when he heard creaking and cracking, thinking that the walls were breaking in on them to bury them in a grey tomb with the sculpture. He was even more surprised when two green fires sparked to life in the pits that could be eyes in the mask. The creaking and groaning was the sound of the wood moving as it woke up. Suddenly, the hand swiped at the hermit with surprising force, he leapt back however, laughing as he evaded the blow that would have killed him if it had struck.
“You were close that time weren’t you old friend?” He said with a certain rudeness. Then it spoke with a voice similar to the sound trees make when swaying in the wind.

“Do not chide me you small fool. Why oh why have you disturbed my slumber? You know how much I love sleep.” The huge figure shifted his legs from a kneeling position into a cross legged one, the sounds echoed throughout the space. That was when it noticed the Climber.
“Oh ho ho! You have a visitor? Or have you brought him to simply gawp at me, as he does now.”
The Climber had not realized he was gawping, but he shut his mouth as soon as it was mentioned. The Hermit turned towards him.
“This is my friend! He knows many things of the old days and can remember even before then.” He seemed so excited, almost giddy with excitement to show someone else to his ‘Friend’ The Climber finally found his voice.

“Wh-What are you?” The giant stared down at him with a look that could only be described as boredom.

“Ah, so it speaks. I am old young one. Very old. It is a long story. Would you like to hear it? This man always says he loves my stories.”
The Hermit suddenly leapt up into the air once again.
“Yes please!” The gargantuan wooden man groaned as he leaned back and settled.

“Well, let us begin…”

¹(Pronounced “Tah-Reem”)

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #77

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