Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #78

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #78

“After the birth of Creation from Nothing, the being who did it all grew tired of his work. He wanted to make this mountain a test. So for the first level he created a blizzard that would never end, to test endurance. For the second level he created a test that would make one face their own fears. For the third and last level? Well, that’s a secret. However, he needed testers, administrators, guides. So he created me, and my two ‘Brothers’ who would safeguard and govern this level. I was never happy with my lowly position as an Overseer, so I began to search for something more. I found something, yes indeed. It was forbidden knowledge. Cursed in my mind. My creator came down and was furious. He struck me down and trapped me here in this small confined space, glowing chains around my arms and legs and a warning inscription on the door. Something happened up there is all I know. There was a new being, powerful. A self proclaimed god. He slew one of my brothers in a show of power. Killing the un killable with a sword made from rended flesh and the torment of thousands. That is the end of my story for today young one.” The Climber was about to say something but he was interrupted by creaking and shaking. Soon enough the two fires went out in the eyes of the goliath and the wood shifted back into the original position. The Hermit, who had been sat opposite the ‘Overseer’ as it had called itself, now stood up, stretching his sore legs as he did so. He patted the still confused Climber on the back as he walked out of the room. The Climber simply followed him.
“What was that?” The Climber questioned. He was quite confused, first he was thrown down a hole and now he was seeing giant tree men. Was this all a bad acid trip? He had never taken any drugs but who knew?
“He was an old friend of mine. He is old…very old yes. I met him when I first climbed up this mountain and he counselled me. Now I have returned for further advice. Now is not the time for reflecting on the past however, I can imagine you’re exhausted so I will show you to your sleeping place!” The Climber had not acknowledged it before but he was drained. Similar to a lemon that had been squeezed of all its juice. He followed the man to where he was to sleep, a minuscule cubby in an out of the way corridor. The bed was a slight depression in a raised bit of the floor coated in soft moss. He collapsed face first into it, breathing in the musty aroma of the greenery as the Hermit bid him farewell.

He lay there.


Slowly, he got up from his bed, a heavy task indeed. He walked back along the caves and scratched walls almost on autopilot. As he reached the small door to the Golem Grotto he stooped and crawled through. Finally he reached the wooden double doors. He pushed them open sluggishly and dragged himself through the viscous black, feeling that cool liquid sensation once again. When he entered the room the lights were dimmed, and the hulking Overseer called Ta’rim was already awake, green flames smoldering in his eyes. He did not seem surprised to see him, nor did he seem quite fazed by his arrival. You couldn’t really tell because of the emotionless wooden mask. The Climber spoke in hoarse words.

“I have questions.”
And so the creature simply looked down at him, wood creaking as the mask bent and warped to make a smile.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #78

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