Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #79

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #79

“Can you not sleep? You are lucky young one for I am the same. You intrigue me, you have the stench of a very old being on, older than me. Because of this you have earned my interest, ask away.” The Climber did not expect this answer, that…thing back at the first Checkpoint had told him he had smelt of something as well. Could it be from that black goo he interacted with in the cave? Maybe.
“I want to know more about the past, you said you found out something forbidden, I want to know it.” The Climber croaked this out, his throat still sore.
“Hmph. Fine, I shall tell you three tales young one, and at the end I shall show you what I have found.” The tree man named Ta’rim grumbled as he sat up straight, shackled hands outstretched towards the ceiling of the cave as the same viscous black from the doorway blanketed the smooth stone and crystal, swallowing it whole. Then, in a booming voice, Ta’rim began his first tale.
“Long ago, when the universes were still young and fresh, there existed a black sun. It was a remnant of the place before time, before light and sand or soil.¹ It permeated throughout every universe. It swallowed the heat and warmth of those that spun around it. After life was born, they learned to worship it as a god. They poured their hates and sorrows and spite into the sun with prayers and shouts. After millennia of this, it answered. Given life by their belief and anger. Forming into the creature which would be named Ut’ahi, the Scourge. The devourer. The black sun. However, he was not without his weakness. He needed a blade…” In the inky black there were pictures planets encircling a black star, it shrunk and grew with each day. Then there were people worshiping and kneeling, chanting in a strange language as they stared at the barren wastelands of planets with no light. Living underground. Finally there was a tall figure, it was abnormal. Like a 2d shape brought into reality. A void. Its arms ended in three menacing talons that looked as if they could shear through bone like butter. Ta’rim began his second tale, and the figure was smothered by white snow and howling winds.
“A man, alone on a mountain he could never leave. He was the third being to climb it, but was far from the only living thing to exist on the precarious place. He did not have a name, so we shall call him the Hunter. As he climbed the mountain he reached the second Plateau. A place of greenery and lush forest. Here he settled, and here he began to hunt. He found the first Yarl, a shapeless black mass. It managed to tear off one of his legs before he could subdue it, but subdue it he did. As a prize he used it to form a new leg, made from the creature he had found. Soon enough there were other animals he found and triumphed. He was, by nature, curious. His leg was strong and fit, never tiring. What would happen if he made a weapon like this? Many years later he developed this idea. His beard by now long and flowing in the light winds that came through the grass. He forged a sword. Made from rended flesh and the souls of 100 yarl creatures, it was alive. It consumed everything in its path, and he was amazed with his own smithing work. Eventually, the man died, but his sword would live on searching for a new wielder. Its name is the Ra’gatan². A beast in its own right. Many years later, it found a way off the mountain. Slipping through a crack in reality it was drawn to an immense power. Finally, Ut’ahi had a blade that could amplify himself. At the behest of the sword he climbed the mountain, by this time the Overseers had been created and the tests put in place, but I had been trapped down here. To test the immense ability of the sword, he extinguished the fires in my brothers eyes. Killed what should not be killed. He turned that place into his own, warped and disfigured just like he.” This time the images were of a man by himself, living in a field and working as he made a blade of incredible power. Then there were projections of a fallen giant, so big he covered the entire plateau. His wooden bones cracked and burnt, and in the corpse there was a dark kingdom. Even as the vines grew on the carcass of that which should not be killed, no plant would dare touch the black slate of Ut’ahi’s land. The pictures were slightly warped and distorted. The Climber shuddered. Finally the Overseer began the last story.

“You wish to know what I know young one? There is a Web. It spans across infinity, even before time. This Web is made up of the strings of our destinies, each strand tells a story. When any living being is born without purpose, it catches that soul and launches it back into the place where they come from. The Web cannot be broken, nor even touched, only observed. That is the forbidden knowledge I discovered. This tale is related to this. There were four who climbed who changed the mountain forever. They found me, and I saw this in them, I told them of their destinies.

Each of them destined to do something different, but to do it all together. The first was a man named Roen caring and compassionate, he was destined to become king. Lord over the mountain. Then there was Jeremiah, who was adept in things related to magic and history, he was destined to become a grand protector. Looking out for those who are oppressed and uncared for. Then there was Zsolt, who was destined to be the voice of reason and calm. Stopping fights between the other three and helping with making things rational. Finally there was the last, a man who I dare not speak of. His destiny was most profound of all, because the Web could not predict what would happen to him. He was destined to kill a god.”


¹ If you remember correctly this was the Expanse of Nothing, the place where the mountain first appeared and B’harat the cannibal was born.

² Pronounced “Rah-gatahn”

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #79

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