Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #80

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #80

“He was a man filled with rage, and he did not try to fight his destiny. He confronted the self proclaimed god on his twisted chair, and their legendary fight ravaged the landscape. Lush fields turned to ash, trees choked by fire, and a gargantuan split between realities hanging in the sky, beckoning creatures from a broken place. In the end, the man was victorious. He had destroyed the vile god, but at what cost? His very name was cursed, given weight. The hunter’s blade was lost, never to be seen again. Onward the Four climbed. Everything was good for a long time, they lived happily. All Four establishing their kingdom on the very top, but Roen was jealous. I had misjudged him. He was a worm, pathetic and cruel. He slew the God slayer and left him to die, and from the corpse of the man who triumphed there bled 76 sons, perfect in every way. Thus the Four were split, Jeremiah and Roen at war and the voice of reason running away, going back to the place where he first sought wisdom, and here he stays, his name forgotten and the rotten rule of those above still strangling those down below. That is the end of my tale young one, but there is one more thing I will tell you. When those Four first found me, chained and alone, I offered them their destinies at a price. For knowing your own destiny is an act against nature. It would make them immortal, never aging, but it would be an empty life. Stretched and hard. They took it anyway, and now I am sure they regret it. Now I ask of you, for you are sure curious, do you dare pay the price to know what you will become?”

The question hit him like a punch. The images that swirled around the tall tree figure were eerie and colorful. A man with twin axes faced a slender black creature as it looked down upon him, loathing in its burning eyes. Then they were consumed by fire. He had always felt empty, but maybe he was destined for something great? So far he felt as if the only reason he had survived was by someone, or something else’s hand pulling at the strings. Could this be the answer that he had sought out when he first began to climb?
“I want to know.” He did not croak this time. He was sure. The price would be small for this prized information. The Overseer raised his hands and began to grumble a strange chant. It burned his ears as he heard it and it vibrated his teeth and bones. The viscous black began to show golden strands, stretching to infinity across inky skies. They lit up and glowed as he looked. He felt elated, excited, overjoyed! He was finally going to know, his whole life he felt as if he did not have purpose! But this, but now he would know. He was giddy.
Right up until Ta’rim began to laugh, a grating and creaking sound that cut through his feelings like a knife.
“You… If I could feel pity I would feel it for you. You somehow managed to do it! You sly fool!” He could not stop. He had to pause in between words because his laughter was too immense. The Climber felt mocked and angry.
“I don’t know how, but you managed to slip through the Web. You truly have no purpose, a mistake, a weed in perfect creation. Empty.
He didn’t know what to feel. The last words were snarled at him. He got up to leave, even as he left through the solid black the laughter echoed behind him.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #80

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