Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #81

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #81

He didn’t know what to feel. He was truly a mistake, a fluke, a weed. Suddenly, he was enraged. This was unfair, what did he do to exist?! Why? He let out a strangled gargle of anger and punched the stone wall. His fists hurt, but it felt good to feel anything. He wandered the cave system, searching for the man he now knew to be Zsolt. He found him in the largest open space he had seen down here, a lake stretched as far as the eye could see. Not a singular ripple on its surface. Perfect, he remarked bitterly.


The Hermit was roasting something over a fire. He had found the dead body of a rabbit, it had slipped down one of the many pitfalls and now it was dead and broken. It would be the first meat he had tasted for a very long time, he was interrupted in the euphoric task by the man he had saved storming into his small area.
“Something troubles you, sit.” He motioned with his hand, for something had obviously disturbed the man. If he was a bird his feathers would have been ruffled. The Climber simply stared into the flames, crackling and jumping. The aroma of cooking meat made his mouth water.
“I…I was told things by Ta’Rim.” The Hermit simply kept on stirring the pot, even though on the inside he was troubled.
“He told me about the beginning. Of gods, of… of you. You four climbing the mountain and then at the end betraying each other, but that is not what troubles me. He told me of the Web, my destiny, or my lack thereof. I am nothing. I am meant to do nothing I shouldn’t even exist! I am a fracture in the perfect mirror… a-a ripple in a placid lake. An imperfection.” By this point he had rested his chin in his knees. He felt like a child, telling their parents what went wrong in school that day. The light reflected off the eyes of the Hermit, he truly did not know what to think, but he was the voice of reason, of rationality.
“You could look at it that way. Or maybe in a different perspective hm? You are not an imperfection but merely a man forging his own path. While us all are trapped in our own delusions you are truly free. Not imperfect, but different, and that is not something to be ashamed of.” The words lifted the Climbers spirits. He would forge his own path. He would decide what happened to him. He was not trapped by realities design, he was free.
“Now, come eat.” The Hermit laughed as they both sat down together on the stone floor and ate the rabbit stew.

Meanwhile, something approaches from somewhere higher up…

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #81

Sorry about today’s being so short! I ran out of time and couldn’t write something very good, tomorrow we will kick it off with something of higher quality.

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