Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #82

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #82

The Climber had but one question to ask.

“Ta’rim… He said you were immortal?” The Hermit simply grunted, dismissing him.
“In a way. My body is frozen, halted. My heart does not beat but still I need breath. I do not age but it is a stretched cursed life, thin and drawn out. If I hurt myself I do not heal. Aye, it is truly cursed.” His eyes were dark, staring into the flames. He was deep in thought, calling back retched memories.
“Enough of dwelling on the past, the day has been long and hard no? Let us rest and we shall decide what to do tomorrow. Come!” He sprang back up into his normal self, eyes once again alight with excitement. The Climber followed after his springy step, truly exhausted.

He lay on the rough stone, un moving. He drew breath, in and out. He debated with himself to check, check whether his heart still pumped. He lifted a finger slowly to his neck, and under it he felt the blood rush past in a rhythmic beat.
Ah. So not even immortal. He guessed it was because he didn’t have a destiny to know. None to break him as it broke the four. Too bad, he would have liked not aging. A deep sigh escaped his mouth. He was cold, dreadfully so. As he lay there, hands shaking, he wondered what he should do next. You have unfinished business. A small voice in his head whispered. What can you do except for go further? You are worthless. Nothing. Now you have nothing to do but get to the top! It faded away as he sat up. The voice had a point, he had unfinished business.


The Hermit did not sleep, he did not dream. He could close his eyes but he would only see things he did not want to see. Remember things he regretted. Screams that would echo in his mind until the end of times. The Hermit did not sleep, no, he was tortured. When he was interrupted in the dark by a silhouette of a man, he felt relieved. A distraction, an obstruction, anything to help take his mind off of it. The silhouette came and sat beside him as he sat up in his bed. He could not see the silhouettes face.
“Yes? What is it?” The Hermit questioned, but the silhouette only came closer, closer, closer. That was when the smell like rot hit him like a punch in the gut. He reached for the crystal lamp beside his bed but the thing was already nose to nose with him.
“WhyyYYYyyYYyyyYyyy…” It wailed horribly with the sound of vocal cords long since torn and decomposed. The lamp came on, and he stood up in his bed, cold sweat like a sticky film across his body. He searched frantically for the silhouette, but there was none. Only then did he realize he hadn’t taken a breath for a very long time. His heart did not race in his chest. He fell back, head smacking into the stone painfully. Pain meant he was still alive, that he was in the real world. Pain was a mark. He heard footsteps echo, and the outline of the man he had saved stood in his doorway. His features framed by orange lights.
“Yes my friend?” The Hermit queried, but he could predict the question.

“I wish to find my way back to the town, I need to take care of something…important.” The Hermit sighed deeply, already he was leaving. It made sense, this poor man would probably want to leave after the ordeal he went through.
“Come with me.” The Hermit announced as he stood up and marched towards the exit from the underground caves.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #82

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