Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #83

You get two facts today due to me taking a small break!

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #83

There it was, the pit where he had fallen. Blood still lay in murky puddles on the floor. Dirt and gravel floating in its mass. The Climber felt queasy as he looked, slight memories of pain running through his fingers and down his spine. He shuddered ever so slightly. The Hermit lifted his hand and pointed a finger up,

“There. You must climb up the hole to get out, the only entrance and exit I’ve found in the 60 years I have been down here. There are many different footholds and resting areas here as this was originally a quarry to mine crystal, this was the main export channel. From what I know all other entrances have been sealed or caved in. Ah… It was nice to meet someone new. I thought I would go insane without contact! I wish you good travels my friend.” He had to choke out the last words. Truly, it had been more than 60 years. It had been closer to 160 years without a human face. The Climber turned around to look at him. The Climber simply gripped his shoulder with newfound strength.
“Thank you.” were his last words before he began his ascension into the light once again.


How long had he been climbing? His arms were burning, stiff and unused for a very long time. It was almost pitch black so he had to feel for each foothold with his hands and feet instead of his hands. Strange, but he became accustomed to it quickly. The stone had hundreds of little cracks and broken in ledges. None big enough to sit on, but he was able to wedge in a foot about halfway and hoist himself further. There had been moments when he was about to slip, his entire life had flashed before his eyes in those moments. It was the similar cold rush through his body that he would get when he tripped in a dream, and was forcefully woken up in a cold sweat. When his life did flash before his eyes, he found it to be quite disappointing. After what felt like millenia of fumbling in the dark he reached a jutting edge. Just big enough to sit on if he brought his knees to his chest. There was a dim lantern with a small purple fixture. The light seemed to do nothing but make the shadows more pronounced. He sat there for a while, regaining his breath, letting his arms and legs rest. Then it was simply rinse and repeat. After three ledges he saw light. Flickering and orange. His hands got over the edge, gripping hard onto a rug of some sort. It shifted slightly, making him almost yelp in surprise, but he stifled it. He managed to pull himself on it. It was the same room he had seen before, old and musty. Resplendent bed housing the man who pushed him down the hole. He had never figured he would get this far. He had figured the pit would lead back into this room, but he had not thought about how to escape. How to get out of the twisted maze of corridors, and then into the passage that led to the next plateau. As he pondered this, his eyes were drawn to the man under the covers. Rage filled him.
Unfinished business… echoed in his mind. He was angry, betrayed, for what reason? Why? His hands floated to the twin black antlers that hung above the fireplace. He removed one gently and carefully. He had forgotten to wash and was still covered in dry blood he noticed. He stood above the bed, and held aloft the sharp antler. There were two voices screaming in his head, one could be envisioned as his sense of rationality. The other? His anger, black, dark thoughts. As he hesitated, the man’s eyes opened.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #83

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