Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #87 Interlude

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #87 Interlude

The man stumbled as he climbed. He seemed to almost… jitter. His half mask had fused with his torn skin. Under his tattered clothes there were writhing tentacles of an inky black substance, shifting and moving seemingly without end. A massive thick arm was protruding from his back, grotesque and muscular, shiny charcoal running with veins of crimson red. He seemed to only hang off of it, dangling like a marionnette which had all of its strings cut, arms swaying in the wind. The end of the long arm split into a multitude of smaller tentacles that heaved him along through the snow. Said snow melted from the sheer heat of the mess. Eyes were forming along the arm, milky white and bloodshot. They spied around, searching for anything to consume.

A bare movement, a vibration in the snow, it saw it.

With a flash it descended on the deer, smothering it whole. Tendrils squirming in the air as it ate gleefully. When it rose there was a new addition to its form, a mouth. Filled with circulating rows of serrated teeth. Onward it dragged itself, for it heard its tune, and it was coming.

Deep underground, the Hermit felt rumbles. Small quakes that shook him from his lonesome sleep. When he entered the corridors they became stronger. He began to walk faster, ducking under the small entrance to the Grotto and breaking into a full on sprint when he saw how the small golems were quivering. By the time he had pushed open the wooden double doors Ta’rim was awake. His eyes burned with that familiar green fire, the wooden grain that made him up was shifting to show images and stories, his mask twisted into a form of distress. Arms that were made up of thousands of tiny branches imitating muscle fibers were straining against their chains.
“My friend, you must run. Go now! Take the eastern tunnel, it will lead you out!” His voice rumbled and boomed. The Hermit did not have time to react, the entire ceiling exploded. Crystal shards flying and shattering. Twisted abominations made up of stringy sinew and bone crawled out of holes in the ceiling. Ta’rim swept his hands with such force that the winds sent Zsolt tumbling backwards through the door. When he tried to open them again he found them to be shut. He did not even have time to call out, for there was a cracking drilling sound as something began to drill through the walls, filling his ears with a piercing grinding sound. He ran, he had no belongings that he needed to collect, only the coat he wore around his shoulders.

His lungs burned, he had not ran this fast in years. His arms were swinging by his side as he ran down the east tunnel. Behind him he heard squeals of delight as the thing that had been tunneling down finally broke through the barrier.

There he saw it. A pile of rubble with a singular ray of sunlight. Sunlight! What was it like he wondered? He had all but forgotten. He frantically pulled rocks away, cold air biting into his uncovered skin. A singular snowflake landing on his nose. Snow! He was making no progress on the rubble, and he could hear the pitter patter of too many feet accelerating on the floor of the cave. That was when he had an idea. He waited until the sound was close, and then he pressed himself up against the side wall.

He only saw it for half a second, but that was enough to strike fear like none other into his soul.

He watched as it hit the rubble with a mighty crash.
He watched as its momentum forced it to keep going, and on he watched as it tumbled off the small ledge and into the void of the night sky. The Hermit took a deep breath and took his first step into the moonlight.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #87 Interlude

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