Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #88

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #88

The stone doors ground shut behind them. The Climber shivered, but it wasn’t from the cold. This place gave him the heebie jeebies. Dirty snow crunched underfoot as they walked together towards the wall of fog they saw in the distance.


They reached it soon enough, all of them stopping before entering the sinister looking smog. It curled and twisted, pushing against an invisible barrier. Krane was the first to push through, swallowed whole. Then the two siblings, giving each other looks as it enveloped them. Daniel walked nonchalantly with the small crowd of stone men behind him. The Climber was left with his green eyed golem to be alone. He tried to peer inside, but he could see nothing. He took a deep breath and stepped through the barrier.


It felt like small hands tugging at his clothes and skin. Pulled this way and that as he walked in the gelatinous grey. He felt almost as if he couldn’t breathe, forcing the viscous air into his lungs. The very air seemed to be thick and heavy. Light didn’t work right, distorted and misshapen. It made him feel as if he was in a dream. A deafening silence stretched over everything, somehow louder than the sounds he had heard down below. Then he emerged into a “Clearing.” The fog was thinner, easier to see through, but still the cloud muddied his perception. However that was not what surprised him, the rest of the strange group had stopped here as well, staring at the thing flying above. It was made of wood, almost as if it was grown from a single seed. Hundreds of branches intertwining like thick rope to make up his skeletal figure. Mask eerily resembling that of a goat skull. Sea green fire smoldered in its eye sockets, smoke mixing with the fog. Two large wings were fused to its back, propelling it in the air with rhythmic flaps. The wood grain shifted and spun, twisting and turning constantly as if it were alive. It looked down upon them, almost with pity, and as it spoke its short neck cracked and heaved.

“Hello humans! I am the Overseer, manager of this test. I will guide you through this plateau so that you may emerge safely on the other side. Any questions?” It announced this cheerily, hands outstretched expectantly. The girl, Liz? Was shaking. Krane looked dazed, remembering things long past. Daniel had removed his goggles and was rubbing them clean of grease and other such substances to check if he was seeing things again. That was when the large creature scrutinized Krane.

“You! You have already completed the test! You may pass by my friend! Maybe you shall take up the task of hunting the six armed beast that took your leg, hm?” It looked expectant, waiting for something, a confirmation from Krane. He nodded, slightly confused.
“Wonderful! Now, I cannot have you all teaming up from the start. So, I shall separate you. Good day!
It bellowed as it began to flap its wings in reverse. Twirling and spinning and bringing in all the fog once again, swirling and choking them all, gathering in the center.

Krane jumped towards Daniel but when he stumbled towards him all he gripped was air.

The Climber rotated, searching for the others, but as the fog cleared he found himself in a field.
The brother and sister cried out for each other as they were separated.

The golems simply stayed with the Overseer.

Thus began the test of the Second plateau.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #88

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