Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #90

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #90

The Climber was in a field of small flowers. The colors were shifting as the wind blew past his face, picking up his hair and running through his beard.

That was not what he focused on.
He looked to the sky. There, hanging by an invisible thread was a cut, a scar, a lesion in reality. It was in the form of a jagged X, from it spilled wicked tendrils of fog. Inside it he could see things shifting and moving. The place beyond was grey and bleak, from what he could see from down here it was almost like a swamp. The Plateau ahead was a singular valley. Around the valley was a huge skeleton, made of blackened and charred wood. Its gargantuan feet were near the entrance to the fog. Nestled inside its skull was an ebony city, shining and corrupt, making his eyes smart as he stared it at.

Just then, far closer to him, there were loud noises, a sound similar to a bundle of sticks whacking each other constantly. He spun around just in time to see the Overseer emerge from the ground. Dirt and flowers flew and fell to the ground in an array of colors.
“Hello Volunteer! I am here to initiate your examination.” It announced this in its slightly annoying cheery sing song voice. It was unnerving. Its bluish green fire examined him. Digging into his brain, rummaging into every nook and cranny inside his mind. The sound of wood creaking echoed over the expanse as the mask stretched into a smile.
“Ah… An interesting one. You’ve met my ‘Brother’? A nice twisted past to pick from… Oh you’re fun! I’ve decided. Your obstacle is yourself!” It cackled as it dived back into the floor. The ground moved in waves from its exit point, like small earthquakes. They knocked the Climber to the ground, jarring his bones and making his teeth vibrate in his gums. The fog rolled inwards from up in the sky, spinning with sinister intent. When the Climber looked up once again he saw an all too familiar sight. A battlefield. Out of the fog emerged soldiers, and… him. He walked out of the fog, but he wasn’t alone. Behind him stood a dark being. Made up of liquid tendrils made up of inky and reflective black. Writhing and shifting, it dribbled as it walked, leaving a dark stain as it slurped. Towering up above his own camouflaged body, pack bouncing on his shoulders. The man at war had dark bags under his eyes, pronounced and sunken. The dark creature began whispering in his ears, all the whilst the Climber watched like a spectator.
“You’re going to die. Writhing and in pain. Bones broken, bleeding, and no one will remember youuuu.” It sung into his ears. Its voice was best described as a crawling sensation, like the pricking of the hairs on the back of your neck.

That was the moment it chose to turn its red flaring eyes on the real Climber.


Daniel looked up. He saw the inside of a huge wooden skull. He was inside some sort of city, but it was strange. Everything was made of some kind of black stone which was, for one, a horrible design choice, plus there was some kind of fungus growing everywhere. It was coarse and covered in tuberous tendrils. Actually, it was the only thing that grew here. There was no green, no other plant. He had the fantastic idea of not leaning down to sniff it.

For possibly the first time he could remember, he felt uneasy. This place was infected with a sickness.


He wandered through abandoned streets. In the distance he could hear rumbles. The hair on the his nape stood at attention as he turned a corner and saw en entire alleyway coated in fungi. It almost seemed to reach out towards him, despite there being no wind. He didn’t turn his back on it until he was a good running distance away. He found the city edge and he saw something even more peculiar. It almost seemed as if the city drew on the surrounding color and life. Tendrils of bleached black and white color reached out from the borders of the ebony city. As soon as he stepped onto the purple grass that lay beyond the border the large wooden man emerged from the ground in a shower of flying dirt clods. It did not look happy.
“You emerged here? This cursed place? Bah. Makes my job harder it does. Now let’s take a look at you.” It grumbled as it shook off dirt. Turning its sea green eyes on Daniel. He stood slightly confounded. Then he receded into his own mind. He could feel it prying around, lazily turning aside locked doors and rifling through organized memories and blueprints making small comments as it did so. Curious, all he did was push back. A little nudge with his mind. He was instantaneously snapped back to reality as the creature was shot backwards, tumbling head over heels and rolling backwards in a very undignified manner.
“Are you ok?” Daniel called out, he was worried, what had happened to the friendly wooden man?”
“Bah! Bah! My perfect job, you’ve not just gone and emerged in this place, just being this close will give me critters crawling inside my rib cage for a couple weeks, but now you’ve tried to interfere with my testing? You know what?! Your obstacle is your curiosity! Now off with you.” Daniel watched as the creature left in a state of anger. Ground parting for its grand entrance as it leapt with both hands in front of itself into the floor. Daniel suddenly felt an emotion wash over him, a pure thirst for knowledge. The only other time he had felt this was when he had first seen a golem. He quickly ran back into the black city, who knew what secrets it could contain?

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #90

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