Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #92

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #92

Flaring red eyes looked him over with something similar to disgust. A sneer spread across what could have been its mouth as it whipped closer.
“Filthy. Disgusting. Scarred and self pitying. You couldn’t even kill the man that threw you down a pit, and when that albino man stabbed him through the chest, what did you do? Nothing.” It slithered and hissed. Inky tendrils snapping this way and that angrily. The Climber began to do what he did best, run.
It pursued. His feet pounded into flowers, then his footsteps became muted as they were absorbed by snow as he passed the border of the field and onto the slope itself. Still it hunted, dragging itself forward at immense speed.
A stray tentacle caught his shoulder and knocked him to the ground.
“You tried to ignore me, to pretend I didn’t exist. Bottled me up, locked me away. I grew though didn’t I? I’m not a pesky little thought anymore! I am bigger, better, faster than you will EVER be!” It’s voice was shrill, almost drilling into his skull. It seemed…familiar, like it was on the tip of his tongue. He crawled through the snow as it followed him, playing with him like a cat and its prey. His shoulder was most definitely broken, shattered into many pieces. He felt something in his pack, it jabbed into his side. That was when he remembered, one of the golems had slid something else into his pack. Two chunks of red, volatile looking crystal, wrapped up with extreme care. His shoulder screamed as the thing that followed him laughed with its shrieking voice. That was when it all clicked.


Daniel was wandering through shiny black streets. He was careful only to step onto clear patches of land, but they were few and rare between. The rest of the city was coated in the sinister looking black fungus, tendrils waving in the air. He observed it all cheerily, even as the air itself seemed to want to grab hold of his neck and throttle him. He was attempting to travel to the center of the city, hopefully to find something interesting. Before he knew it he was there. The fungus here was different from the almost mossy texture he had seen before. Here it grew large and obscuring, hanging like drapes from the arches and pillars of a gothic citadel. He pushed open the large bronze double doors, seemingly untouched by the encroaching disease. Inside was a sight to behold. What could have once been a beautiful, carpeted palace was now a rotting, depressing sight. Huge trees of black, velvety mushrooms grew to replace supports and other structures. A lush red carpet had been replaced with a harsh, monotonous black. Slender, shining tubes protruded from the vast sea of fungus, floating and gesturing towards a throne that lay at the end of the aisle. The chair was shattered into many pieces, and in its broken rubble lay a corpse. Maybe once the creature’s body could have been beautiful, its face seemingly chiseled from marble, but half of it was missing. Underneath the skin he could see the true sight, its pitch black gaping maw lay ajar. As his eyes traveled further down the body he noticed the other discrepancies, the supple skin was torn away at the hands and feet, revealing limbs that ended in sharp points instead of fingers and limbs, they looked sharp enough to shear through bone. In place of a chest there was a gaping hole, from here the black fungus spilt outwards in large thick roots, originating from the massive rupture in its chest. He saw there was still some blood coating the ragged edges, it shifted in color the longer he looked. The light seemed to bend around the black, absorbed and pulled in. Still wrapped tight around the talon that could have been a hand was a sword, it was not made from metal but from rended flesh, eyes were un-moving in its reddish-pink meat. Teeth could be seen poking from the folds in the flesh. Daniel grimaced, completely unnerved by this discovery, but even as he turned to walk out of the decrepit old church the sensation of curiosity gripped him  in its iron hold once again. The sword, perfect in its nature, it seemed to call out to him, whispers twisting their way into his mind. He began to take a step back towards the corpse in the chair.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #92

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