Announcement regarding BFFSC, and other things

Hiya! You might notice that Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner has been updating less and less frequently, and that is for good reason. I feel like the format I’ve written this entire story in has restricted me from actually writing, well, a proper story. Because of the disjointed way that this has been created, the actual overall flow is almost nonexistent. So, I am solemn to announce to my three or four regular readers that BFFSC is hereby canceled until further notice. It WILL however return, but in a comic form starting at the beginning of next year. I hope to rewrite in a coherent manner and to improve myself in the process.

In other news, however, I am going to be writing a novel! I am hoping to write a novel based on an “Abandoned Concepts Series” which I held in one of the Discord servers I am active in, and am going to be turning it into a novel that will be released chapter by chapter on this very website. I will also try and revamp this website a little bit, make it a little better for reading, and if anyone could help me with tips on how to advertise, please send suggestions to my email at

I appreciate every single one of you, thank you for sticking through this tumultuous journey!

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