The Broken Series

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #1

Jeremiah had a gift.

He could see things others couldn’t.

He could tell that the reason you were feeling down wasn’t because of your mood,

It was because a tall man in black had his hand on your shoulder.

He was coming.

So close.

Jeremiah had given up telling people what he saw.

He kept it to himself.

He was glad the things didn’t seem to look back.

Every time he told someone, they told him he was silly.

Overactive imagination.

That’s what Mrs Tristy said before that thing got her.

Rotting and skulking.

They said it was a heart attack

Jeremiah knew better.

Jeremiah had a gift.

Or was it a curse?

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #1

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #2

When small Timmy went into the basement to look for a book,

He didn’t expect to see what he saw.

But let us rewind.

Timmy was young.

He knew this, for it was repeated to him every day.

His always smiling parents told him.

The teachers at school told him.

The people he saw every Friday morning told him too.

Some in a loving, doting way.

Some in a more aggressive tone.

He never wondered why the people who came on Fridays wore masks.

Because he was young.

He just accepted it.

However, on one such Friday, little Timmy made a mistake.

He broke one of the key rules of the household.

Never enter the basement.

ESPECIALLY. on a Friday.

He ignored this rule.


Because he was young.

This was a dreadful mistake.

For what he saw broke him.

Looking at the bodies, piled up.

The masks cracked and rotting.

And above the floor,

An empty space.

A void.

Wrong to the eyes, like looking at something not right.

A shred, hanging in the air above strange moving symbols.

And a thing with needle like teeth looking at him straight in the eyes.


But he didn’t.

Because it was already too late.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #2

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #3

Charlie had nightmares.

Every night he was plagued.

He would lie in wait, willing his eyes not to close.

But every single time they did.

When he went into the inky blackness of his mind,

He saw things,

Heard things,

Felt things that weren’t of his own body.

Sometimes he inhabited a creature of shadow,

Hand outstretched.

Sometimes he would be in a rotting corpse of a body.

Or maybe a multitude of corpses?

He didn’t know.

The people he told said they would pass.


He couldn’t be so sure.

Tonight however, was different.

When he “Woke” again, it felt wrong.

He was in a world that was grey.

A sort of, broken place.

That was the best way he could describe it.


There was a beckoning in his head.

The part of this creature that was Charlie was afraid.

He knew he shouldn’t follow.

However, he was only a viewer.

A spectator.

It licked its lips across its needlelike teeth.

It could smell blood,

This was what beckoned it.

Its chains held fast,

But the melody that played was two strong.

It broke free.

A singular sad note broke out across the plains.

It did not care.

It was excited, for there was a gateway.

A way IN

Out of this decaying mess.

A way for more meat.

The people who opened the rift,

They were foolish.

Believing that they were strong enough in Will to close the portal.

They were not.

Charlie felt as its teeth,

His teeth,

Ripped into those around him.

When the damage was done, the blood drunk.

He noticed something.

A small child.

That was when Charlie woke up.

And Charlie was dreadfully afraid.

Rightfully so.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #3

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #4

Jeremiah felt sick.

The things he saw every day,

There were less of them now.

In the pit of his stomach he knew this was wrong.

They weren’t in their usual spots.

The places where they lie in wait.

The places he knows to avoid.

One of them especially worried him.

One his gramps had told him to keep a good eye on.

His gramps could see them too.

He told him of the secret paths to school,

Of what each of the monsters did.

Gramps had a book,

A book Jeremiah hadn’t dared to touch.

It had a dark aura around it.

Forbidden knowledge.

Wrong to the eyes.

That thing that had been bound by plant and silver.

The one with the needlelike teeth.

It had escaped.

And now Jeremiah felt sick.

He checked over his shoulder,

In case the man in black has his hand there.

Reaching out.

But he did not.

The man in black was an exception,

Like the thing with needlelike teeth.

It did not have boundaries.

It crept wherever it pleased.

Spreading disease, unhappiness and sickness like the plague.

It wasn’t so dangerous, unless it had its hand on your shoulder.

That’s when you knew you were chosen.

Jeremiah was sick, for his Gramps had told him what could cause something like this.

People interfering where they shouldn’t.

People meddling in things not of their scope. (Much like this sentence))

Someone has made a mistake.

And Jeremiah was the only one who knew the consequences.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #4

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #5

It hungered.

It thirsted.

It needed a great many things.

All of these dwarfed by the feeling of freedom.

The feeling of wind in its hair.

The taste of salty blood in its mouth.

Without the restraints of plant and silver.

It was happy.

This body would serve it well.

The last time it had been free was a long, long time ago.

It crept out from the basement.

This place was strange,

Ordered and sentimental.

Lined with photos of family outings and boat trips.

It had no care for these things.

What it really needed was an instrument.

A stick, a flute, a wind chime.

All would work in its favour.

In the back of its mind, it felt a presence.

Or had felt.

It was gone now, like a fly on its neck.

The teeth of the host were already lengthening,

Giving it its signature look.

It had memories as well, basic knowledge.

It would go to where there were many makers of music.

Oh yes,

For it had a plan.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #5

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #6

Charlie did not enjoy school.

School did not help explain the dreams.

School forced him to do things he didn’t want to do.

Like sit down in front of strange people wearing glasses,

Who forced him to describe what he saw.

They gave him pills,

Told him words to say.

None of them worked.

Charlie’s favourite thing however, was to learn about history.

About the history of his town.

This place was a centre for disruption

A place where cults seemed to multiply,

Heart attacks were common,

People disappeared.

Many people only stayed here because they felt a connection.

Or didn’t have enough cash to move out.

You wouldn’t find this place on any new maps.

Every time they do, it seems to become erased.

Charlie was interested by this.

Even his dreams couldn’t deter him from this.

People didn’t like Charlie.

They talked and snickered.

Some of them got close.

Spat in his face.

Charlie did not care.

Not until a ball hit him straight in the head.

As he fell to the ground,

The last thing he felt was the impact.

A pain behind his eyes, the rocking of his brain.

The darkness clouding his eyes.

He was afraid.

And then he “Woke” up.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #6

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #7

Your heart does not beat in the Broken.

Your wounds do not bleed in the Broken.

Neither do they heal.

In the grey world of the Broken,

Forsaken and gone,

The only things that move are not your friends.

They live to eat.

Hunger for things that do bleed.

They have boundaries,

Most of them.

The further you stray into the Broken,

The more broken you become.

You may never make it back.

They can touch us, but we can’t touch them.

The only way to put them to rest is to use music.

It is also how you awaken them.

If you dare to wade in the depths of the Broken,

Your song is what could save you.

If you are in dire need, without an instrument?

Then you are already dead.

Your lips might serve you for a time,

But whistling is no match for some of the stronger creatures.

They have no eyes.

Only empty pits.

Some say the Broken is alive,

Whether this is true is not known by anyone.

Only those with the Sight can see the Broken for how it truly is.

It mirrors our world,

To a point.

After that point there is no return.

From that point on there are no boundaries.

There is no safety.

Only the most skilled of Waders can go past.

You do not age in the Broken.

You do not breathe in the Broken.

-An excerpt from a book written by Jeremiahs grandfather.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #7

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #8

Once you pass a certain Point in the Broken,

It stops becoming a copy of our Universe and becomes something else.

The further you go,

The more warped it becomes.

The risk of you becoming corrupted and Broken also increases the further you go.

There are specific roots and herbs that may counteract this effect,

Also some bone or plant talismans help to stave off the corruption as well.

Eventually, after the Point the ground becomes more like a swamp.

There is waist high grey stagnant water, seemingly limitless.

Sometimes there are plants, usually swamp weed,

They burn even when on water.

There are pitfalls in the water.


The instant your head goes underwater the water inexplicably becomes a torrent.

The water pulls you down at a speed faster than the fastest swimmer could get out of.

In all seriousness however, the water is dangerous.

It does not seem to affect any other creatures besides Waders.

Another curious thing about the landscape after the Point is that the creatures have no boundaries,

Let me explain.

Before the Point, there are boundaries which restrict most creatures.

After the Point however, there are territories for different creatures,

But not like in the Broken before the Point.

They walk freely.

There are ways to cut through these boundaries, in our world and to avoid creatures,

There are also ways to reveal these boundaries.

The recipe for this dust is in the back of this book.

This helps people with the Sight not get attacked in our Reality.

I have devised a map of my town Drismall showing shortcuts and passageways for my younger grandson.

I recommend all who do read this to do the same.

There is also one more thing to say,

I have noticed there are some exceptions to the normal rules of the Broken.

They do not have boundaries, and instead of being satisfied with just interacting in their world they seem to want to wreak havoc here as well.

There are two very prominent figures.

One, is a man in black.

Wherever he walks he trails pestilence and the plague.

He makes people depressed when in their vicinity.

He also has a strange quirk of picking out specific people,

Laying his hand on their shoulder.

Whoever he does “Choose” takes their own life within days.

The other is very dangerous.

It is a tall, humanoid figure.

It seems at first to resemble something human until you get closer.

Its forearms are longer than its legs, and its teeth are needlelike in appearance.

If it comes to it, I might have to go in there and Bind It myself.

It has displayed tendencies to try and escape out with us,

Once even managing to inhabit one of our Waders.

This cannot be allowed to escape.


-An excerpt from a book written by Charles, Jeremiah’s grandfather.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #8

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #9

Jeremiah walked to school.

He saw the creatures, but he also knew they couldn’t touch him.

Not if he took the right path.

And so he did.

Turning this way and that,

Almost instinctively.

He did not notice the small boy.

The boy, who if he looked ever so close at,

Seemed to be filled with inky black.

Jeremiah was distracted.

He was afraid of the fact he might have to read the Book.

That book which was nauseating to look at.

Reminding him of his late Gramps.

He died before he could tell him much,

The most he knew was that he should avoid the creatures.

And to make sure that thing stayed locked up.

Oh, right.

It had escaped.

But where?

Jeremiah was still pondering this fact until he saw the boy lying unconscious,

Surrounded by people and teachers alike.

Jeremiah stopped, because with his special eyes he could see something.

He saw that in the head of this boy was something black.

Not unlike the poorer abominations in that other place.

Even as he looked however, it dissipated.

Like smoke above a fire.

He was shaken awake, convulsing as he did so.

He awoke with a scream,

Grabbing a student by the collar.

Screaming into their face.

“Its coming!”

He shrieked.

“They all are!”

He was dragged off to the sickbay,

Where they hoped that the nurse would calm him down.

But Jeremiah was chilled to the bone.

He turned around, thoughts of school lost.

Running to his home,

To where the book kept in shadow lay under the floorboards.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #9

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #10

It could smell them.

Many smaller beings.

It felt a pang of hunger, but knew better.

It should not feast alone.

It would not feast alone.

It knew of a song, one that would free its fallen brethren.

They would arise from the deepest pits of the Broken.

Chained there millennia ago.

Not just them however.

Everything that would hear its song would walk again.

This made it excited.

It started salivating at the mouth,

Split tongue dashing over needlelike teeth.

Just then, the wind began to blow.

And it heard something that terrified it.

The familiar jingle of the Windwaker.

It started to scamper, before it saw what was making that sound.

It was a small wind chime, made of ivory.

Hanging on the porch frame of a large house.

It sniffed hard,

And it smiled.

The Windwaker was dead, it could smell it in the wood, in the soil where he had stood.

All it left behind were some relics.

No matter, all it would have to do is avoid the house.

Those wind chimes were annoying, but they could do nothing.


It sniffed again.

It could smell something faint,

Something alive.

It was the same blood as the Windwaker.



Just to be cautious, it skittered around the house,

Treading carefully.

Who knew what other traps the Windwaker could have laid?

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #10

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #11

Charlie once again woke up in a strange place.

He watched as creatures gathered.

Through a haze he could see his own town.

There he saw the Grand Hall,

A place for plays, and orchestras.

He was in the body of a large man,

A man in black.

He was almost orchestrating this…

This event.

There were many creatures.

Some made of what looked like corpses, shambling and struggling.

Some which dribbled fire from what could be thought of as their mouths.

Others, further back, covered in shadow.

Watching from afar, eye sockets empty.

Could they have a hand in this?

This is what Charlie thought.

The Man in Black cocked his head to one side,

He looked in the water, looking at his reflection.

No one has ever seen what is under the hood.

It brought up its hand and begin to scratch furiously at its head.

The things began to stare.

The shadowy creatures began to creep forward.

Charlie tried to pull away,

Trying to escape from the mind of this abomination.

He could not.

The things with no eyes crept ever closer.

They loomed over the Man in Black

They began to sing,

The song choked him.

Bound him.

Ripped him from the body of the Man in Black and thrust him back into his body.

As he awoke, there was one thing that stayed in his mind.

Lodged in there just like the song.

The thing he screamed as he came back to reality.

They were coming, amassing, gathering.

And they were ready.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #11

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #12

I can feel myself weakening.

Growing older with every step.

I am frail now,

But my mind is still sharp as a dagger.

I have written a book,

A companion of sorts for my younger Grandson.

I hoped I could have taught him about his birth right,

What these things he sees,

What they mean,

But alas, I have no time left.

There is a storm brewing here.

In this town.

That thing that I have seen over and over,

It is planning something.

I must stop it.

However, a flute will not suffice against this creature.

Its music is too weak to control it.

We found this out the hard way, and I barely escaped with my life.

I have dreamt however,

Dreamt of a powerful weapon.

I must forge it in the fires of the Broken, and quench it in the swamps.

It must be masterfully crafted, and not with my shaking hands.

I know of a blacksmith, he will help me.

It will be a sword,

Made from pipe and steel.

A hilt of ivory, wrapped in herbs.

It will act as a sort of large flute, or instrument, capable of binding even the strongest creatures.

The wind will rise for this mighty weapon,

And its fires shall cleanse and defeat all it lays its bite upon.

It will be named Windwaker, and will be my final piece.

My final weapon whilst heading into that forsaken place.

I will bind that creature so that it may never be seen again.

It will have a hefty price however,

Such weapons usually do.

From what I can decipher from my visions,

It will need payment.

The blood of a special.

I will use mine, but it will certainly consume me.

If my grandson ever comes to use this, one way or another,

He must not use his own blood.

He is a good boy, I know.

But if push comes to shove he must be stronger.

Stronger than me.

Because I fear for the worst,

I have meddled where I shouldn’t oh yes.

I’ve gone too far.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this sickness that consumes me so was from the Broken.

A consequence.

No matter,

For now I need to work.

-The last known writing of Charles, Jeremiahs grandfather.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #12

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #13

Jeremiah looked at the book in his hands.

He fought through the nausea, and undid the clasp.

As soon as he did this, the nausea disappeared.

The book wrote itself in front of him,

Too much information to comprehend.

He began to panic, dropping the tome.

When it hit the floor it stopped.

The ink wiping itself from the page.

The pages filled more slowly, illustrating things.

A sword.

A chain.

Herbs and talismans he would need.

Words of power,

And a description of what he would have to do to get all these things.

And on the next page…

It described how to kill something from that place.

To put it into eternal rest.

Jeremiah’s heartbeat sped up,

Finally, he knew what to do.

Finally he had the upper hand.

And so he smiled, for it was a time to smile.

Now he could begin.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #13

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #14

It felt like…

What was the human word?


Yes, it felt like shit.

Its vessel was warping, soon becoming uninhabitable.

One of its lungs had already collapsed,

Its arms had begun to lengthen.

Its skin blackening.

However, the heart was still beating and that was all that mattered.

It had come far enough anyway.

It had all the makers of music it would need.

Instrument after instrument!

Flutes and long brass tubes.

It would need some preparation of course,

But what good thing came unprepared?

Well, meat.

Thinking of this sent a shiver down its spine,

It was oh so hungry

However it had orders.

It would have to wait.

But it could snatch a snack…


It must focus,

It would feast soon enough,

It chuckled at that thought.

Dreaming of the feeling,

The feeling of meat being torn from the bone.

It chuckled gluttonously at that.

Saliva dripping from its awkwardly large mouth.

But maybe a little ittsy bittsy snack

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #14

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #15

Jeremiah stood tall.

Around his neck hung talismans that would protect him against what was to come.

He felt ready, this was his birth right.

Even so, it was a daunting task.

To retrieve the blade capable of killing that creature,

Who he was now sure was in our world,

He would have to venture into the Broken and retrieve it himself.

The book described how to do so, it would be easy.

The one thing that scared him was that something might be waiting on the other side.

His sight allowed him to see into the Broken, but some things could shield against his sight.

Dangerous things.

Hopefully they wouldn’t be feeding off the energy of the blade,

This would prove more problems than just it creeping about.

It would mean he would need to feed the blade, and such a price was always in blood.

There was a room in this house,

It was a room for creating rifts.

Opening rifts was always dangerous,

But it was necessary.

It was the only way to get into the Broken and retrieve the blade.

He descended the stairs two at a time.

His grandfathers house has been abandoned for a while,

People being superstitious about there being a “Bad feeling” in the house.

This was ironic,

This was the safest place in the entire town.

It was so blocked off from the Broken even that needleteeth thing would be afraid of coming in.

He pulled a flute off a leather belt he wore.

It was handmade by an older relative of his, passed down.

Machine made things quickly deteriorated in the Broken, so all equipment was handmade, except for the exception of metal things.

He played three notes, and thus a part of the wall slid open.

As he stepped inside he could instantly feel the difference.

While in the rest of the house there was a noticeable absence of the Broken here there was a concentration of it.


Out of a small leather pouch Jeremiah sprinkled some dust, cursed, and tried again.

The second time around marks on the floor began to move.

A small black space opened up, unfurling like origami.

The biggest danger of rending open holes in dimensions is that it leaves a wound.

A scar of sorts.

These wounds could be more easily reopened than other areas.

As the dust settled, the hole opened up further until it was just smaller than his height.

Colour bled through the black like breath on a cold window.

A slightly off grey, foggy ground and an endless expanse of fog after that.

He took a deep breath, savouring the taste of the air, and stepped through.

The change in temperature was instantaneous.

From slightly humid to a nice even 10 degrees Celsius.

He shivered, and began to count his paces.

What he didn’t notice was the thing that rose from the fog behind him.

It was very hungry,

And it had just found a nice morsel.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #15

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #16

It didn’t remember its name.

It didn’t really care either.

When it had first come, many years ago, it remembered that it had been wounded.

It had thought the best course of action would be to go to the place where your heart was said not to beat.

Where your wounds did not bleed.

Well now looking back it was stupid.

Because it should have realised it wouldn’t be able to go back.

Its wounds were fatal, too much blood had been lost.

So it was stuck.

Eventually things that stay here become warped.

It thought of it like acclimatisation.

Becoming just like the place it was stuck in.

It was lazy as well.

It didn’t like to move a lot.

So it stayed where it was,

Slowly decaying.

Now it was a shadowy thing.

Thin and with many arms.

When it had heard the call to assemble, it thought itself too high and mighty to be called and be used as a henchmen.

A simple thug.

One thing it never realized was its hunger.

It was oh so hungry.

It even surprised itself honestly.

Now it was feeling this hunger, looking at this small boy.

He had golden eyes.

It remembered also having golden eyes, strange.

No matter.

It did not realize it was lucky.

This creature had laid down in the only blind spot of a maze of bindings and traps.

It was stupidly lucky in fact.

This was countered by the fact it was stupid.

It reached forward…

And felt pain for the first time in a very long time.

Fire had sprung out of nowhere.

There were glowing marks now, crawling up its arm.

They were forming chains.

It began to scream, but it was quickly stifled.

The flaming chains already binding its neck.

It had made a mistake,

Straying from its safe spot.

It sank into the fog, added to the collection.

Jeremiah just staring,

If this was anywhere else he could have perished.

This put humility in him,

A valuable trait.

It would be needed.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #16

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #17

Its mouth was dry.

Its stomach rumbled.

It did not know how to handle these new feelings,

This body was needy.

It has a task to do,

But there are so many new pressures and stabbing things in its chest alone.

Its breathing was ragged.

Hm, this body would not be able to hold it for much longer.

It did not need a vessel but it made life easier in this world.

It began to cough.

Small droplets of red mixed with black, wriggling things.

It had enough.

It began the process of detaching itself from the boy,

Unhinging the large mouth and wriggling out.

It broke the body, leaving it splayed like some horrible art piece.

Bones broken.

It was inedible, how sad.

One feeling remained after leaving the vessel,

The feeling of hunger.

And it smelt something nearby.

It licked its teeth with a long grey tongue and began to creep towards the smell,

Flicking it in and out again.

All notions of work had been lost for the moment,

for now lunch was ready.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #17

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #18

Jeremiah stepped back through the portal and nearly choked with fear,

He couldn’t feel his heartbeat.

It wasn’t there.

He had never not felt his heart beat but now that there was an absence of it he was dreadfully afraid.

However, after a few seconds after stepping back into the “Real” world it began to beat again.

He let out a sigh of relief.

Sword in hand, he went back upstairs.

Just as he feared, the sword was as good as a lump of sharp metal.

He would need blood.

But who’s blood?

The book told him not to use his own.

He would cross that bridge when he got to it, for the time being he needed to find the creature itself.

He had a tool for that,

A chip of a bulls horn which was coated in special oil would point towards such creatures.

It only worked when there were one or two however, otherwise it became confused.

He held it up, and quite confusingly it pointed back the way he came.

To the school hall?

It wouldn’t be in use today, as there wasn’t any assemblies.

The only person there would be the cleaner.

As he walked, sword sheathed, a pair of eyes watched him from the window.

An old woman, best described as a crone, shook her fist at him and cursed him.

“I knew that boy was no good! Look at him walking with large knives. Children these days. Hmph.”

She closed the curtain and descended further into her house,

She didn’t see the huge thing waiting for her at the top of the stairs.

She wouldn’t see anything else again.

As Jeremiah was walking he became worried.

He thought of the words that the boy had said.

They were all coming?

Could this creature simply be a piece of a larger puzzle?

That boy could be enough, maybe, for a blood price.

This sat at the back of his mind, more important things taking its place.

Why would it go to the school hall?

And then it struck him like a brick in the head.

There are instruments in city hall.

It was going to let them in.

All of them.

He broke out into a sprint,

But then stopped, looked at the blade.

He made a detour for the school building, he was making a visit to the infirmary.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #18

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #19

It ripped into the old man.

The first real food since those idiotic cultists.

It slurped and ripped,

Tearing meat from the bone.

The old man had been wandering the…


It recalled from the boys mind it was called a bathroom.

He was holding a wooden thing, stick like.

It had small fibers on the end, how peculiar.

It wondered, what was that other thing it had smelt?

The blade and master were dead, weren’t they?

Then why could it have sworn…

A lingering smell perhaps?


The crimson blood stained the tiled floor.

Spreading along the lines between squares like a piece of macabre art.

It chuckled, the man had not fought.

He had simply given away within seconds.

It hesitated as well, thinking it could use it as another vessel, but decided against it.

This man was not suitable.

Besides, it would waste time, it did not need a vessel currently.

There was nothing that could harm it,

No flute nor charm would defend against its claws.

It ripped another chunk off the man, the abdomen.

So many little morsels, so little time.

It thought again, surely there was nothing that could hurt it?

It was godlike, invincible, unkillab-

That smell

It was familiar

It reared back and squealed.

The sound like a high pitched whine.

The Windwaker!

It was here!


He was dead, yet the smell of the blade that had bound it was unmistakable.

It was currently inactive thankfully, and far away.

But this meant something, there was some remnant of the Windwaker still alive and they were coming

It needed to speed up the operation.

It hastily left the place called a “Bathroom” and hurried back to the hall.

As it lowered itself and picked up the instruments, which were carved with the necessary symbols, it began to sing the song that would awaken them all.

End of Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #19

Benji’s Fun Fact Story Corner #20

Nurse Trill had a hard life, or so she said.

She didn’t think she got paid enough for her job, which mainly consists of putting band aids on scraped knees.

She mumbled this as she bandaged up the head of the small sickly child in the Infirmary,

Apparently he got hit in the head with a ball of some sorts and had a seizure or whatnot.

Woke up screaming.

Nurse Trill didn’t think too hard on this, she didn’t think too hard on anything.

Jeremiah was rushing through corridor after corridor, searching for the Infirmary.

He could tell he was getting close because the sword started to vibrate,

Hungry for the blood tax.

He pulled out the blade, and the students who watched with blank eyes from boring classrooms suddenly became much more interested.

As he finally reached the double doors with the faded red cross, the sword was vibrating quite violently.

Almost attempting to jerk out of his hand.

He steadied it, willed it to stop, and so it did.

As he burst through the doors he saw a nurse who was wider than she was tall bandaging the head of the boy he had seen earlier.

The one who screamed about them.

Nurse Trill was a little surprised when she saw the boy burst through the doors.

He was breathing heavy, as if he had just run a race.

She was about to tell him to leave unless he was hurt, but he walked right past her, almost as if he didn’t see her.

He knelt beside the boy, his golden eyes staring at him. Searching him.

Looking for what?

She cleared her throat, and was about to nicely but firmly (As her mother, who was also a nurse at this school taught her to do) tell this youngster to leave.

He whipped his head around, finally noticing her.

She began to say

“Now I am sorry young man, but you must leav-“

He interrupted her

“Listen here… I don’t know your name. But you MUST leave immediately. This is beyond your scope, now go!”

He spoke with such intensity she just stood there speechless.

She had seen this boy before, he usually came in with black eyes and the occasional split lip.

He was normally shy, the other kids bullied him.

But this was completely different, she had never seen him like this.

She picked up her bag and got up to leave, not even questioning his authority.

She didn’t get paid enough for this.

Jeremiah looked at this boy in front of him.

He was special, just like him, but he didn’t have the Sight.

Not exactly like him anyway.

He would do.

He spoke up, after sending the woman, who he presumed was the nurse, away from the possible danger of the school.

He now needed to get the blood of this boy.

“You, what is your name?”

“Charlie… Why do you have a sword?”

“My name is Jeremiah, and I need something from you. I need you to cut your finger on this sword, I need your blood to use this sword and turn away something horrible.”

Charlie gripped Jeremiahs collar with new strength.

“Are you going to stop them?”

He said, in a bare whisper.


“Then I shall help in any way I can.”

He picked the sword from Jeremiah and slit his thumb, using the tip of the blade.

As he did so, the blood sank into the blade and it began to sing ever so softly.

“I feel so sleepy…”

Charlie couldn’t finish, as he was already falling back onto the ratty couch upon which he sat.

He fell asleep, and for the first time in his life it was peaceful.

Jeremiah stood up, and looked at his blade.

Now he was ready.

The creature was nearly ready.

It could feel the space between weakening.

It was plucking at the last threads using its song.

Already it could see the small black space forming,

Soon it would be bigger and bigger, until it filled the hall.

It cackled a horrible screeching laugh.

Until it heard the doors open.


Jeremiah could feel the sword vibrating once again, now it had taken its blood price it was hunting the creature with fervour.

Sniffing it out like a predator.

Jeremiah ran towards where it pointed, until he reached the School Hall.

When he went through, there was an intense stench.

And he saw it there, the creature.

Its needlelike teeth stained red.

Hunched charcoal body bent over the instruments it held.

A small black space unfolding before it.

Jeremiah leapt down and pointed the sword towards it.

It turned its beady orange eyes on him.

It stopped singing and instead began to growl at him.

It recognized that blade,

Jeremiah knew this.

Wind began to blow, and the sword began to sing.

The creature began to howl.

But then…

Something horrible.

Something was singing from the other side.

It was overwhelming the Windwaker and opening the portal further.

And the creature turned its head back slowly as Jeremiah backed away.

Chuckling gutturally.

It leapt into the air.

It attempted to land on him, but he parried with the blade.

Sparks flew as the warped nature of the creature fought against the talismans built into the sword.

It growled at him, and Jeremiah growled back.

All the while the hole was widening. The singing becoming more intense.

It attempted to bite him, and got his shoulder.

Searing pain spread through Jeremiahs arm, the pain fuelling his anger.

He roared, his words containing power, and pushed back on the creature.

Meanwhile, the spindly arm of the Man in Black was reaching through the portal.


The blade sang stronger, momentarily powering through the music being sung against it.

He pulled up the blade, and stabbed it down.

Going right through the mouth and pinning it to the floor.

Then, the Man in Black lay his hand on Jeremiahs shoulder.

The whole world went grey.

All emotion gone from his mind, only sadness and an overwhelming emptiness.

It slowly dragged him away, into the portal.

He saw his grave, his body being lowered into the hole.

Encased in a cheap coffin, paid for by relatives who wouldn’t remember him.

The talisman he wore around his wrist bumped against his skin, and colour returned momentarily.

He grabbed the talisman fiercely.

Colour returned like a supernova before his eyes.

He lurched forward, sprawling on the floor.

The hand was smoking, burning.

The creature with Needlelike teeth was writhing on the floor, attempting to pull out the blade.

Every time it laid its hands on the sword they burned.

Jeremiah pulled out the sword, and left the creature to wriggle on the ground.

The singing had stopped, the hole was still only 10 cm in diameter.

Jeremiah pointed his sword towards the hole, and began to speak.

“Let this be known, while I, or any of my kin still stand, we will combat and thwart your every move. This blade will know the taste of your flesh. I can promise that. So let this be the first.”

As he said this, he swing his sword down, and cut the creature on the floor in two.

Its last bits dispersed like horrible smoke, and dissipated further until they were nothing.

Jeremiah finally brought his flute to his lips, and played the tune that would close the rift.

As it closed, he heard the screams and roars of horrible abominations being contained once again.

As it disappeared, he collapsed.

Wheezing heavily.

His shoulder was bleeding, but he was safe.

Safe, for now.

And he laughed wearily, happy it was over.

End of The Broken series.

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